Looking to remove and reinstall your solar panels

Looking to remove and reinstall your solar panels

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Sunifinity Solar and Roofing is a one stop shop to take care of all of your needs. We take great care and attention to detail when removing and reinstalling your solar panels on your home. Do what is right for your home and your needs. There are some common reasons that homeowners choose to remove solar panels.

  • Repairing, replacing or improving their roofing systems
  • Getting rid of a broken or outdated solar systems
  • Updating to a brand new solar system
  • Replacing solar panels

Whatever your reasons, removing and reinstalling solar panels is delicate. To avoid breakage or incorrect re-installations that can be negatively impact system performance or cause a fire hazard, it’s always best to have a qualified solar installer manage the job. At Sunfinity Solar and Roofing, we will provide outstanding service with top quality products.

Our Solar Removal and Reinstallation Process

There are certain steps that must be followed to ensure no damage is done to the solar panels upon the removal and re installation process. Sunfinty Solar and Roofing handles all the technical aspects for you to ensure your system works as designed or BETTER!


  1. Meet and greet with home owner (MEET THE SUNFINITY CREW!).
  2. Take photos of property and solar system, including Solar system production and voltage reading from solar panels.
  3. Systematically remove entire solar system from roof. (SYSTEM IS STORED ON PROPERTY WHERE HOMEOWNER FEELS BEST).
  4. Flash and seal all penetrations with construction grade sealant.
  5. Clean up jobsite
  6. Take pictures of removed solar system and area where stored.
  7. Send homeowner and contractor photos in Google Drive file in the form of an email and or Text message.


  1. Inspect property and roof for pre existing damage from new roof install.
  2. Install solar system with the original components from detach.(ANY COMPONENTS DAMAGED DURING DETACH AND RESET WILL BE PAID FOR AND REPLACED BY SUNFINITY LLC).
  3. After the system is reset, voltages are taken on roof to ensure the system is performing the same as when removed.
  4. Clean up roof, gutters and ground of anything that may have fell during install.
  5. Get photos of solar panels communicating with the inverter matching the same production as when the system was removed.
  6. Talk with homeowner and complete install.